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Water Programs

Water Programs

The aim of the UF/IFAS Harmful Algal Blooms Task Force is to more clearly identify contributing factors to the problem of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Florida. It’s forged in cooperation with state and federal agencies, local governments, experts from other Florida higher education institutions, and land owners with sources of pollution. This cross-disciplinary approach can serve as a model for other regions around the country. At the same time, it provides a path toward solutions to the dire problems currently plaguing Florida's waterways.

Anticipated Outcomes

Through this task force, UF/IFAS researchers and extension personnel focus efforts on a comprehensive and solution-oriented program. This is primarily concentrated on the following initiatives:

  • evaluate current sources of nutrients that stimulate blooms
  • identify best management practices (BMP) for reducing/eliminating nutrients from entering waterways
  • improve BMP with new technology and continued research
  • predict the onset of blooms in order to reduce economic impact
  • guide nutrient and water management actions through science-backed information sessions

Task Force Members

Name UF/IFAS Affiliation
Mike Allen, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Fisheries and Aquatic Science) | Director (Nature Coast Biological Station)
Anna Braswell, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Assistant Professor (School of Forest Resources and Conservation, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
Michael Dukes, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Irrigation and Water Conservation) | Director (Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology)
Ruth Francis-Floyd, Ph.D UF Professor (Large Animal Clinical Sciences)
Robert Gilbert, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Dean for Research | Director (Florida Agricultural Experiment Station)
Wendy Graham, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) | Director (Water Institute)
Kelly Grogan, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Associate Professor (Food and Resource Economics)
Cody Helmer Executive Director of Development (UF/IFAS Advancement)
Tracy Anne Irani, Ph.D. UF Professor (Agricultural Communication) | Development Director (PIE Center)
Pierce Jones, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) | Director (Program for Resource Efficient Communities)
Lisa Krimsky, Ph.D. UF/Sea Grant Water Resource Regional Specialized Agent
Sherry Larkin, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Natural Resources and Environmental Economics) | Director, Florida Sea Grant
Dail Laughinhouse, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Assistant Professor (Applied Phycology)
John Glenn Morris, Ph.D. UF Professor (Infectious Diseases) | Director (Emerging Pathogens Institute)
Ed Phlips, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Algal Physiology and Ecology)
Ramesh Reddy, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor (Graduate Research) | Department Chair (Soil and Water Sciences)
Chris Vivian UF/IFAS Communications Associate Vice President
Matthew Whiles, Ph.D. UF/IFAS Professor | Department Chair (Soil and Water Sciences) | Harmful Algal Blooms Task Force Lead
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