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Water Programs

Water Programs

Water Policy and Planning

UF/IFAS Extension outreach programs provide information to empower Floridians to participate in policy discussions and develop better water resource policies, regulations, and plans.

As population in the state continues to grow, Florida must enhance and protect its domestic water supply while also meeting the water requirements of agriculture, horticulture, tourism, and industry, as well as the state's natural systems, all without placing undue pressure on its finite resources and providing for economic vitality. Florida's policies, regulations, and planning evolve over time to provide the framework for water resource use, protection and economic development. UF/IFAS Extension outreach programs provide information to empower Floridians to participate in policy discussions and develop better water resource policies, regulations, and plans  (UF/IFAS Photo by Tara Piasio).

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UF/IFAS Water Policy Programs

Agricultural Best Management Practices Extension Program 

Best management practices are a key instrument in agricultural water resource policy. This Extension Program is aimed at educating Florida growers about practices that help them sustain yields while protecting water resources. See Programs

Florida Waters Stewardship Program

The UF/IFAS Florida Waters Stewardship Program is for Floridians who want to learn more about their local water resources and how to protect and enhance them through community engagement. Find out if your county offers a Florida Waters Stewardship Program.

Florida Wetlands Extension Program

This Extension Program provides Floridians with a better understanding of wetlands, and it informs communities about water quality regulations, planning, and projects that can be implemented locally. See Programs

Payments for Environmental Services Provided by Agricultural Lands

This Extension Program is aimed at developing cost-effective strategies for ecosystem service provision by private landowners, including such ecosystem services as water storage, and wildlife habitat provision. See Programs

Program for Resource Efficient Communities 

This program combines research and Extension components focusing on developing and implementing water- and energy-efficient strategies and best design practices at the community, lot, and house levels. See Programs

Sustainable FloridiansTM 

The mission of this Program is to guide Floridians on how to take individual responsibility for protecting Earth’s limited resources. See Programs

Water Economics and Policy Program

Economic analysis of policy alternatives and outcomes can help communities arrive at more acceptable and balanced water policy decisions. See Programs

Water School Program 

Water School Program is for community leaders and elected officials who want to learn about and share innovative solutions for Florida's water-resource issues. Find out if your county offers a Water School.

Water Watch Volunteer Program

Florida Water Watch empowers volunteers to monitor coastal water quality in their specific regions by following UF/IFAS guidelines. Discover how you can get involved.