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Water Programs

Water Programs

About This Website

The purpose of this website is to provide easy access to water-related information and programs of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS).

Enhancing and protecting water quality, water quantity, and water supply are high-priorities of the UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension Service. This is because water plays a critical role in sustaining Florida’s environment and economic vitality, which are keys to a high quality of life. Florida must enhance and protect its domestic water supply while also meeting the water requirements of agriculture, horticulture, tourism, and industry, as well as the state’s 20 million inhabitants and its natural systems, all without placing undue pressure on a finite resource.

There are so many UF/IFAS programs and research on water-related topics that it can be difficult to know where to begin. By collecting links to this information in one place, we hope to provide that starting point for you.

For more information on this site and its mission, please contact Dr. Kati Migliaccio, professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering. For technical questions or help with this website, contact the webmaster. Be sure to include "UF/IFAS water site" in the subject line.

More Resources

UF/IFAS Extension

Extension encompasses scientists, educators, and volunteers that work together to give Floridians the knowledge they need in their daily lives. Extension is a federal, state, and county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and the life sciences and to making that knowledge accessible to sustain and enhance the quality of human life. At Extension website, Solutions for Your Life, Floridians can explore topics in lawn and garden care, family life and consumer choices, agriculture, community development, the environment, and youth development.

UF/IFAS Extension Florida Sea Grant Program

Agents working in this program team with commercial, community, and recreation partners. Resources include science-backed information about microplastics, environmental education, and other marine and coastal concerns.

UF/IFAS Extension Blog: Posts on Water

The Extension Blog provides an online forum for UF/IFAS short informational stories to be posted and shared.

UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center)

The PIE Center responds to the many economic, environmental and social challenges Floridians face by measuring knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of consumers and constituents. The PIE Center then shares its findings with stakeholders through educational outreach and training programs using cutting-edge technology. The PIE Center ultimately focuses on enabling the public and policymakers to make informed decisions to preserve Florida's agricultural and natural resources assets.

UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology (CLCE)

The CLCE promotes the protection and preservation of Florida's natural resources and quality of life through responsible management of horticultural landscaping and turfgrass. The interdisciplinary center has faculty throughout the state advancing research, Extension, and education efforts in multiple fields.

UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (CAIP)

CAIP is a multidisciplinary research, teaching and Extension unit that develops environmentally sound techniques for management of aquatic and natural-area weed species and coordinates aquatic plant research activities in Florida. CAIP utilizes expertise from many departments within UF/IFAS and its Research and Education Centers throughout Florida. The CAIP Information Office informs and educates stakeholders about impacts and management of invasive plants. 

UF/IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities (PREC)

PREC integrates and applies UF’s educational and analytical assets to promote adoption of best design, construction, and management practices that measurably reduce energy and water consumption and environmental degradation in new residential community developments.

UF Water Institute

The UF Water Institute brings together teams of leading researchers, educators, and students to address complex water issues through innovative interdisciplinary research, education, and public outreach to develop  fundamental science, technologies, and policy alternatives for emerging ecological, agricultural and water supply issues.

UF/IFAS Florida Sea Grant

Florida Sea Grant is a university-based program that supports research, education and extension to conserve coastal resources and enhance economic opportunities for the people of Florida.

Florida Climate Institute (FCI)

The Florida Climate Institute (FCI) is a multi-disciplinary network of national and international research and public organizations, scientists, and individuals concerned with achieving a better understanding of climate variability and change.

UF/IFAS Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS)

EDIS is a library of information written by UF/IFAS faculty to provide information on a variety of topics relevant to our mission and expertise.