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Water Programs

Water Programs

UF/IFAS Water for Agriculture
UF/IFAS Water In the Environment
UF/IFAS Water Policy and Planning
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Why are plants important to aquatic ecosystems?

As Floridians, we love our freshwater resources. Did you know Florida has over 1 million acres of freshwater? That's about the size of Rhode Island! Many of our fondest memories are of boating, fishing, or water skiing in freshwater systems across the state. Other activities include kayaking our famous spring runs or birdwatching among the numerous wetlands. While the water itself is often the focus, aquatic plants are essential to any Read More


Florida Land Steward Update, February 16, 2024

CONGRATULATIONS RONNIE STEPHENSON: 2024 FLORIDA LAND STEWARD OF THE YEAR! Ronnie Stephenson’s passion for wildlife and his tenacity for hands-on habitat management goes above and beyond what would be expected of one person. In addition to all of his hard work managing his two Jackson County farms, he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for land stewardship with fellow landowners and other wildlife enthusiasts. In 2022, Read More

Trending Water Topics Stay current on the latest water issues affecting your region, and how UF/IFAS is helping.

Our Partners

Your Local UF/IFAS Extension County Office

Our Extension agents are here to help. UF/IFAS has Extension offices in each of Florida’s 67 counties as well as 12 Research and Education Centers (RECs), Research and Demonstration Sites (RDSs), and several other offices are located throughout the state. More...

The UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education

The PIE Center takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine how people think about, form and act on opinions regarding complex agricultural and natural resources issues, enabling the public and policymakers to make informed decisions to preserve Florida's agricultural and natural resources assets. More...

UF Water Institute

The UF Water Institute brings together teams of leading researchers, educators, and students to address complex water issues through innovative interdisciplinary research, education, and public outreach to develop fundamental science, technologies, and policy alternatives for emerging ecological, agricultural and water supply issues. More...

UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology (CLCE)

The CLCE promotes the protection and preservation of Florida's natural resources and quality of life through responsible management of horticultural landscaping and turfgrass. The interdisciplinary center has faculty throughout the state advancing research, Extension, and education efforts in multiple fields. More...

Florida Climate Institute

The Florida Climate Institute is a multi-disciplinary network of universities in Florida working together and with external partners in the public and private sectors to achieve a better understanding of climate variability and change, impacts, and societal response. More...